Like any other appliance, Air Conditioners require careful handling and regular maintenance. However, if your AC suddenly broke down, while you planned to use it for a long period of time, you should immediately call an experienced technician to fix it. Don’t try to repair it yourself, as it can lead to electric shock or further damage.
It’s time to worry, if you have noticed one of the following malfunctions:

  • you hear loud noise or vibrations
  • AC is functioning abruptly or is not functioning at all
  • AC can not provide the desired temperature

If you want to get quick and reliable repair of your AC, call San Jose Appliance Repair. Our trained technician will come over in a few hours or next day with all necessary tools. He will fix the problem in your presence and consult you on the work done and further use of the appliance.


Our company have been repairing furnaces for more than 5 years now. This experience allows us to be sure about what we do, that’s why we offer a 6-months warranty for all our works, while our clients receive top-class service for affordable price.
Any kind of equipment requires maintenance throughout its lifespan. If you have noticed something strange in how your furnace operates, you should call a technician immediately. The most popular issues are:

  • low temperature of the furnace, while it is still operating at the ordinary capacity
  • excessive noise or absence of any sound
  • error message on the display
  • increased operating pressure
  • increased energy consumption

There are a number of reasons that can cause this, for example, scale and corrosion inside the pipes or heating elements. Regardless of what your problem is, call San Jose Appliance Repair and get your furnace fixed as soon as possible.


If you’re looking for heater repair, San Jose Appliance Repair can help. We’re your best, most-trusted option for fast and easy local service and repair of your heater or AC/heating unit. The most common problems with the heater that we face are the following:

  • thermostat doesn’t change the temperature
  • heating element won’t get hot
  • fan doesn’t create any air flow
  • heater makes a lot of noise.

Only a trained technician is able to spot the failed element. We highly recommend you not to disassemble the appliance yourself, as it can lead to electric shock or fire. If your heater is not functioning properly and won’t maintain its temperature, we’ll send to you our best local heater service technicians to help you out.


Nowadays there are a lot of households, that are utilizing water heaters for their personal needs. However, it can become a really big problem, if you need hot water to do some stuff about your house, and the only source of hot water breaks down.
Usually there are several electrical units, which are built in the storage tank. These are heating element and thermostat. The most widely spread problem is failure of heating element, which has to be replaced then. The following symptoms are likely to be caused by broken heater:

  • water won’t get hot
  • automatic shut-off system cuts the power
  • electric shock is felt when touching the tank

In general, heating elements are quite reliable units, the only way to easily damage them is to use them without water, as their are not designed to heat the air.
If your water heater boils the water, and you are not able to set the desired temperature, most probably you will have to replace thermostat.

Whatever the problem is, call San Jose Appliance Repair and enjoy top-class service at affordable price.


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