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Our technicians will provide you with the best repair for your refrigerator! We always have all the necessary tools and even spare parts in stock! You can be sure about the quality of our work, which is covered with 6 months warranty.
San Jose Appliance Repair can help you with fixing any type of refrigerator. We repair all brands and models including: wine cooler fridge, under counter fridge, built-in fridge, commercial fridge‏.
Invite a certified technician to repair your refrigerator and join thousands of happy customers in San Jose and neighboring cities. The result will exceed your expectations!
Our technicians have experience with wide variety of problems and all types of refrigerators.


A washer’s failure always causes a lot of trouble:


  • search for original parts and a specialist who could fix them,
  • bringing the appliance to the service center,
  • unexpected waste of time and money.


This approach may seem long, exhausting and too costly. However you can avoid all those problems, if you call San Jose Appliance Repair. We understand that life without washer is challenging, so let us assist you with this issue, so that you can return to your normal washing routine as soon as possible.Our trained technician will come over to your place whenever it’s convenient for you regardless of weather and distance. We serve San Jose and all neighboring towns. The diagnostics and repair won’t take long, as we have wide experience in fixing washers of all types and brands.
After fixing the problem, our technician will demonstrate the washer’s functioning in different regimes, and give you a receipt with 6 month warranty.


Nowadays, dryers are extremely popular as they allow to save time on drying clothes significantly. However, your dryer is likely to break down soon or late. In this case you will want to have it fixed as soon as possible, given how often we usually do washing. Once you face the appliance’s failure, the following questions are likely to pop up in your mind:

  • What company should I call to repair my dryer? How can they prove their proficiency?
  • How much time and money will it take?
  • How can they guarantee that it will not break again soon?

With San Jose Appliance Repair you won’t have to worry about any of those questions, as we are licensed to fix most brands of dryers. We repair appliances at affordable price and provide 6 months warranty for all the parts we replace.
The most common issues we fix are the following:

  • the drum wont’ spin,
  • the dryer won’t turn on,
  • the clothes are still wet after one cycle,
  • the dryer makes strange noise.

No matter which issue you have faced, call San Jose Appliance Repair and enjoy top-class service at affordable price.


You must be familiar with the awful feeling you have, once your stove stops operating properly when you least expect it. Of course, no appliance will serve forever. But why did the stove, which had been highly recommended to you in the store and had a reliable brand-name on it, eventually let you down?
Well, the reason is that a range or a stove is sophisticated equipment with plenty of rules of operation and maintenance to be followed.
Improper installation as well as operating at full capacity may result in the appliance’s failure after few years it was bought. If the pans don’t match the size of the burners or there is excessive humidity, it can also reduce the lifespan of the stove.
Only licensed and experienced technicians should repair ranges, otherwise you may face bigger damage and additional cost. San Jose Appliance Repair fixes ranges and stoves of any type, such as gas, electric smoothtop (including glass-ceramic cooktop, induction cooktop or basic), electric coil or commercial-style. We service and repair American, Canadian, European, Japanese and Korean brands.


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